• Our solution

    Real time visualization

    A unique way to visualize flows

    Our digital network modelizes perfectly the topology and and the flows. You can select any unit in the data and visualize it under the form of an animated flow, allowing you to spot drifts and averages for instance.


    Automatic detection of incidents and their root causes


    Our “Big Data” tools allows you to identify, in real time incidents, statistical abnormalities and their causes.


    A decision aid to network evolutions

    Our interface allows the users to simulate the network and its components evolutions (mesh, capacity, volume to distribute, clients) and to calculate the impacts on the whole network (resilience tests)

    Predictive impact analysis

    Cable/Edge scoring associated with an eagle view of your network



    We integrate scoring algorithms (ours or client’s) in our “network” model, allowing the user to run predictive resilience tests on the whole network.



    A dashboard specifically adapted to your industry needs.

    The “network” interface is combined with a Dashboard interface, highly customizable to your needs.

    All dashboards are extractable in various formats (PDF, Excel, CSV) to produce reporting for your customers. These reports can also be automated.

  • Our clients

    Network operators / utilities

    A Change in the “SmartGrid” paradigm


    Network operators are under pressure to evolve quickly: change from a vertical structure to a horizontal structure, small production units integration at a local scale, pressure on exploitation costs…


    Examples of DCbrain projects :

    • Setting up a wire scoring model and predictive impact analysis
    • Re-routing costs optimization
    • Priorization aid tools for Bio-methane projects

    Industrial infrastructures

    At the start of Plant 4.0

    Industrial infrastructures (refineries, production units…) are an amount of flows: energy to supply, raw material, finished products, cooling/heating flows…

    In this context, the datas exploitation allows to optimize exploitation costs


    Examples of DCbrain projects :

    • Control of a steam network for abnormally spotting /productivity gain identification


    Control of consumptions as a profitability lever


    Maintenance and optimization operations of these 2 networks still stands on exploitation team experience. Current tools do not allow incidents anticipation, nor to optimize flows.


    Examples of DCbrain projects :

    • Impact identification following the implementation of a cooling flows & and drift/anomaly analysis improvement plan
    • Upgrade of the centralized technical management system for the exploitation team


    Flows optimization as a core business

    Logistics operators need to optimize their storage and transportation capacity in real time to supply different delivery points.

    They need to be able to take decisions in real time depending on changing parameters (agenda, delivery point addition…)


    Examples of DCbrain projects :

    • Setting up a “real time” modelling tool (optimization of routes and transported loads, integration of new transportation and storage capacities…)

    Research units

    Big Data as a project booster

    Research units base their recommendation on their experience of the sector and on a quantitative analysis of the observed flows in their client installations.


    Examples of DCbrain projects :

    • Creation of industry-specific reporting dashboards based on a data batch
  • How does it work?

    Our technology


    DCbrain uses the most advanced Big Data and machine learning softwares (Titan, Elastic Search, Spark…)


    [We were created within the Telecom ParisTech incubator and we are working with different Paris-Saclay labs on graph model theories.


    A 3 steps proved model

    Data Collection (batch or real time automatic interface)

    1. Injection of data in our artificial intelligence technology (anomaly detection, application of physics) and creation of the digital model
    2. Validation of the digital model by experts

    Example : creation of a digital model in one day

    This video shows how to create a digital interface : based on Excel files (from industrial reporting), we identified the topology of a steam networks, we then created a digital version on which we projected all the flows (in this case, steam flows, measured in mass).

    This process took less than a day.

  • They talk about us...

    DCbrain - Total's partner in its "Digital Plant" transformation

    Total revealed the names of its "Plant 4.0" call for projects winners. Goal : digitalize Total industrial processes.

    This project allowed us to validate our positionning on the industrial market.

    Challenges : DCbrain is one of the 100 startups to invest in 2016 !

    The paper Challenges selects the 100 most interesting startups each year.

    What they like : our technology and the scalability of our business model !


    DCbrain was in Austin for the Graph Days !

    February 2016

    Learn more : http://graphday.com/sessions

    DCbrain, elected Startup of the month by SmartGrid France

    March 2016

    SmartGrid brings together 11 french center of activites expert in the field of energy and ICT and has become the relay and the voice of SMEs as well as local communities concerning smart grids.

    DCbrain, winner of the ERDF “Réseaux Electriques Intelligents” contest in the BIG DATA category


  • The team

    Arnaud de Moissac


    • Has worked 10 years as a Datacenters operations manager
    • Has developed 8 patents in this field
    • Has launched one previous start up
    • Will bring his market and technical knowledge

    Wilfried Ehounou

    Data Scientist

    • Is a PHD Student in mathematics
    • Is a rocket dev
    • Will bring his expertise in the Graphe Field

    Maxime Beauchene

    Data scientist

    • Has a master degree in computer science at Orsay University (Paris XI) 


    Chaka Ngameni

    Front End Dev

    • Is preparing a diploma as a computer engineer
    • Has a technology degree

    Benjamin de Buttet

    Business Developer

    • Has worked 6 years as a Strategy consultant
    • Has Worked for Big Data projects for CAC 40 Companies

    Thomas Bibette

    Business Developer

    Is an international MBA graduate

    Has work 5 years in international business development for several start-ups

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